I Need a Cincinnati Ohio Car Accident Attorney – What Should I look For?

In searching for an Ohio car accident attorney there are certain qualities and skills that I would look for.  But it really comes done to a couple of things:

1. Is the Lawyer Experienced and Driven To Get Results.


2. Will the Lawyer communicate with me and Explain what’s Going on and answer any questions I have.

These are the benefits I am looking for when I have had to hire a lawyer. You see just because I’m a lawyer does not mean I can handle everything that gets thrown at me. One time I had a property issue with the title to to land. I found the most knowledgeable lawyer in that area and was very satisfied. Another time I had to find a elder law lawyer for my Dad and I got someone that came highly recommended. He turned out to be very inadequate. He was disorganized and aloof. So I fired him.


Even if I, a car accident lawyer,  had a serious car accident injury I probably would still hire a lawyer if litigation was necessary, as the emotional toll and the actual inability to adequately represent myself properly would be well worth the % of the settlement I would pay my lawyer.


Sure its good to get recommendations from other you trust, but if your friend that had a divorce says call my divorce lawyer, they really did a great job on my divorce, that may not be a great referral. Divorce and personal injury law are entirely different. I would not try in my wildest dreams to handle your divorce . But some lawyers , that likely never even tried a personal injury case and do very few of them might try to handle your car accident case. Why, for the money they think they will make. They think they can sit in there office and handle a personal injury car accident claim.


So its extremely important to see if your attorney has a track record of results. Many lawyers will put some of their results up on their web site. Just remember each case is different and when you look at some of my results that does not mean I can get the same results for you. But it does tell you that I have a track record of some significant successes.


Does your attorney have the resources in staff and money to prosecute your claim. Otherwise you will be asked for money to prosecute your case. Money you do not have. Recently I finished a wrongful death loss where I advanced close to $70,000.00. The saying it takes money to make money is very true in the world of major injury and death claims. Even in the smaller claims there still are expenses.


Maybe one of the best areas to investigate your choice of a car accident lawyer is, “What do the car accident personal injury lawyer’s clients say about them.” Satisfied clients are a good indicator of  who the attorney is, how he communicates, whether he really cares and whether he can deliver a satisfying just result. I have numerous written injury client testimonials on my home web site Anthony Castelli Accident and Injury Lawyer .


In fact I have a few video accident and injury testimonials from my clients in the video just below. Please take a look and listen.



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Car Accident Victims Risk Much By Handling Their Own Serious Injury Claim

Anthony Castelli Car accident attorney

As a Cincinnati car accident attorney for over thirty years I’ve heard stories about people trying to settle their car accident injury claim without a lawyer. I see two reasons this attempt is made: 1) some injury victims think they can out smart the insurance company and get more money in their own pocket without paying a lawyer and 2) the insurance company itself  tells the injury victim that they will be fair with them and attorneys will take a fee and the insurance company will not pay anymore with or without a lawyer.

The reality is big insurance knows there is a good chance they will pay more to reperesented car accident injury victims than unrepresented victims. But you must choose your lawyer wisely. Beware of ambulance chasers.

Here is a link to a post from Norman Fernandez car accident attorney that tells it like it is. Norman is an attorney that I admire very much. He’s a self made man with a military and engineering background as well as an avid motorcyclist. In my book he is a top notch  lawyer accident injury lawyer. He  has the courage to speak his mind , which is refreshing , as many lawyers just want to be politically correct. He’s a man’s man and a lawyer’s lawyer. If you had to be in a foxhole or hire lawyer  I’d recommend Norman.

So if you are thinking about representing yourself in a car accident or why to hire a care accident lawyer,  click on this link to read the article Epidemic Of Stupidity by Attorney NormanFernandez.


Anthony Castelli is a Cincinnati car accident lawyer that will guide you every step of the way. He wants to not only help you on this case but he wants to be your trusted advisor for life. He’s not interested in short term one and done relationships. That’s why “We treat you like family” Call Tony  for a free consult at 513-621-2345 . What do you have to loose? Maybe a whole heck of a lot.


Before You Hire A Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyer Read Attorney Advertising Revealed

Attorney Advertising revealed

Car accident injury victims suffer not only from their injury , but from the risk of hiring a car accident attorney that may be an ambulance chaser or taking their chances of  getting ripped off by big insurance by representing themselves. People seriously injured in an auto accident by the fault of another deserve to be made whole for their damages. But what is the best way for a bodily injury victim to get the most money.

Some car crash victims try to handle their case by themselves. The insurance companies even fosters this. They play into the, all too sad but true stereotype, of the greedy ambulance chasing lawyer out to make a fast buck. Sad to say there are lawyers like that. But a careful person can gain the knowledge  to hire the right lawyer, especially in the day of the internet.

Many people are surprised at how many lawyers write them letter after they were hurt in a car wreck. Some think it’s an invasion of privacy. Others, usually with little experience of the legal system will hire a lawyer that writes them through the mail. Otherwise the lawyers would stop writing these letters. But what do you really know about a lawyer that sent you a letter. Are they skilled and compassionate or are they running through many cases as fast as they can?

Because I hate seeing people get ripped off by lawyers or insurance companies I wrote the book  Attorney Advertising Revealed . You can click on the link to download it for free. As stated by the publisher:

 In his new book Anthony Castelli gives you a rare look inside lawyer advertising. He pulls back the curtain on what he terms “meaningless” lawyer advertising. There is nothing worse than making the mistakes of relying on big insurance to protect your rights or hiring a lawyer that’s not competent. From his position as an experienced insider, Anthony explains what to watch out for and what steps to take to help you hire a good personal injury lawyer.

So if you make the decision that you need the guidance and help of an experienced car accident injury lawyer the tools are available to you to find a good car accident injury lawyer. But before you hire an attorney or talk with an adjuster read the book.

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