Before You Hire A Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyer Read Attorney Advertising Revealed

Attorney Advertising revealed

Car accident injury victims suffer not only from their injury , but from the risk of hiring a car accident attorney that may be an ambulance chaser or taking their chances of  getting ripped off by big insurance by representing themselves. People seriously injured in an auto accident by the fault of another deserve to be made whole for their damages. But what is the best way for a bodily injury victim to get the most money.

Some car crash victims try to handle their case by themselves. The insurance companies even fosters this. They play into the, all too sad but true stereotype, of the greedy ambulance chasing lawyer out to make a fast buck. Sad to say there are lawyers like that. But a careful person can gain the knowledge  to hire the right lawyer, especially in the day of the internet.

Many people are surprised at how many lawyers write them letter after they were hurt in a car wreck. Some think it’s an invasion of privacy. Others, usually with little experience of the legal system will hire a lawyer that writes them through the mail. Otherwise the lawyers would stop writing these letters. But what do you really know about a lawyer that sent you a letter. Are they skilled and compassionate or are they running through many cases as fast as they can?

Because I hate seeing people get ripped off by lawyers or insurance companies I wrote the book  Attorney Advertising Revealed . You can click on the link to download it for free. As stated by the publisher:

 In his new book Anthony Castelli gives you a rare look inside lawyer advertising. He pulls back the curtain on what he terms “meaningless” lawyer advertising. There is nothing worse than making the mistakes of relying on big insurance to protect your rights or hiring a lawyer that’s not competent. From his position as an experienced insider, Anthony explains what to watch out for and what steps to take to help you hire a good personal injury lawyer.

So if you make the decision that you need the guidance and help of an experienced car accident injury lawyer the tools are available to you to find a good car accident injury lawyer. But before you hire an attorney or talk with an adjuster read the book.

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