Car Accident Victims Risk Much By Handling Their Own Serious Injury Claim

Anthony Castelli Car accident attorney

As a Cincinnati car accident attorney for over thirty years I’ve heard stories about people trying to settle their car accident injury claim without a lawyer. I see two reasons this attempt is made: 1) some injury victims think they can out smart the insurance company and get more money in their own pocket without paying a lawyer and 2) the insurance company itself  tells the injury victim that they will be fair with them and attorneys will take a fee and the insurance company will not pay anymore with or without a lawyer.

The reality is big insurance knows there is a good chance they will pay more to reperesented car accident injury victims than unrepresented victims. But you must choose your lawyer wisely. Beware of ambulance chasers.

Here is a link to a post from Norman Fernandez car accident attorney that tells it like it is. Norman is an attorney that I admire very much. He’s a self made man with a military and engineering background as well as an avid motorcyclist. In my book he is a top notch  lawyer accident injury lawyer. He  has the courage to speak his mind , which is refreshing , as many lawyers just want to be politically correct. He’s a man’s man and a lawyer’s lawyer. If you had to be in a foxhole or hire lawyer  I’d recommend Norman.

So if you are thinking about representing yourself in a car accident or why to hire a care accident lawyer,  click on this link to read the article Epidemic Of Stupidity by Attorney NormanFernandez.


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