Injured in a Car Accident – Get The Free Ebook – Insurance Company Settlement Secrets and Traps Revealed

Unrepresented auto accidents injury victims do not know what to do to get a fair settlement for the most part. Some think they know. But how do they really know. You can get some basic infromation on the internet. But much of it is general. Each motor vehicle crash sufferrer has a case that is unique. Hundreds of facts may go into the settlement. Some blindly listen to the insurance adjustor tell them not to get a counselor at law.  Why. So they can lead you by the nose and pay you as little as possible.

At least arm yourself with some knowledge to determine if you need to hire an injury lawyer. And if you determine you need to,  learn how to avoid the quick settlement mill attorneys. 15 lawyers from across the country banded together to discuss issus surrounding bodily injury claims. The Amazon best selling book they created  in the insurance category was Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – What you  insurance company does not want You to know and will not tell you until it is too late.

I have created for you a short video that allows you to download this book in the form of a PDF for free. So before you commit to talking with the liability adjsustor and doing something that could ruin the value of what you clearly deserve in compensation for another’s negligence do this. Watch this 60 second video then download this book and learn inside secrets and the ways to avoid traps and missteps.




By Anthony Castelli Attorney for car accidents  in Cincinnati

Reource: Amazon books Anthony Castelli page