Allstate Tries to Keep Car Accident Victims Away From Lawyers – For Money

Allstate makes a concerted effort to keep car accident injury victims away from lawyers. They do this for the simple reason that it saves them money. They state in their own documents that generally that will pay more if a motor vehicle victim is represented. Sometimes three times as much.

How Does Allstate Keep You From a Lawyer – No They Do Not Break Your Arm

Allstate brought in a concern called the Mckenzie group and they actually created a script and did role playing on how to teach Allstate adjusters to keep car accident victims injured by negligence of others away. With mounting public pressure Allstate released these documents on their site but then took them down.   Here Are the Secret Allstate Documents

As you can see the documents are so faint that they are barely legible . However I have copies of these documents and they are available on demand. In fact I wrote a chapter in a book called  Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing  which by clicking on the link you can download the book for free.

The Chapter I wrote was called, When your friend becomes your enemy, and lays out  the tactics Allstate will use to keep you unrepresented , in the dark, and ultimately forced to take a low ball offer. Don’t do it.